Group Strength, Fitness Assessments, and Personal Training. Specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Wellness, and Nutrition.

Kindra has experience training a variety of clients of all ages and fitness levels. Bachelor of Science degree from WIU in Kinesiology with a major in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition and has completed all but her thesis (on the plank exercise) for her Master of Science degree in Kinesiology in two areas of emphasis: Wellness and Fitness Management and Strength and Conditioning.

Contact Kindra at 309-333-6703 or by email

Kindra teaches a variety of group fitness classes and offers personal training for $30 per hour for one person and $40 for two people, so grab a friend to have more fun and to keep you motivated.

Kindra graduated West Prairie High School in 2007 and went on to play volleyball on a full scholarship at a junior college in Quincy, IL. She retired from her volleyball career after her sophomore year in college and moved back home to finish out her Bachelor degree at Western Illinois University.

If you start today, you’ll achieve your goals one day sooner than if you start tomorrow. Nobody has ever given their best and regretted it. So get up and moving today, one day sooner with one less regret.