Yoga Rx – Yoga is good medicine. Help your body release stress and heal. Restorative poses, gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation.

Yoga for Flexibility – A slow deliberate & meditative class focusing on stretching the body’s deep connective tissue and helping you get more flexible. Postures are held a bit longer to encourage the body to release and let go.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga –  Debbie is now offering semi-private $20/person for classes of up to 4 and private sessions $40/session. These yoga sessions will be to help people heal from trauma of any kind and help people with PTSD, anxiety, depression and more. Debbie is a compassionate and licensed counselor and we are so blessed to be able to offer this level of care at Free Range.

Yoga Unwind – Come unwind your body and mind with slow, gentle movements. When we slow our breathing our thoughts naturally slow down and healing can take place on every level. Will incorporate some mindfulness and self –compassion practices.

Debbie returned to college as an adult and graduated with a Master’s Degree in counseling in 2009. She works part-time at a private practice; New Hope Counseling, La Harpe, IL.  Debbie is currently working toward the Yogafit for Warriors certificate.  She has completed Yogafit Level 1, Anatomy and Alignment 1, Seniors, and Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma.

Debbie has been attending yoga classes at Free Range since 2014.  From the minute she walked into the studio, she was attracted to the breathing and relaxation methods as they are very much like the techniques she uses with her counseling clients.  Her personal goal is to stay active and healthy as she ages.  Her goal for her students is to help them feel better – body, mind and soul.

Contact Debbie: or call 309-224-7445