Tai Chi & Qigong An introduction to two ancient mind-body arts that are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago. If you want to lower your stress level, reduce your anxiety, restore your balance, and increase your overall sense of well-being, you’ve come to the right place. All ages welcome! Open to new as well as to continuing Tai Chi/Qigong students.

In his Tai Chi & Qigong class at Free Range, Bill is dedicated to offering guided exploration of these two ancient Chinese energetic arts—energetic, because both practices are centered on the belief in an intrinsic life energy known as qi (“life force” or “spirit breath”).  The practices are related and for centuries have been practiced together, though recently they have been receiving significant attention in the West because many respected research institutions, such as the Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic, have recognized their superior health benefits.  Bill welcomes people of all ages and abilities to attend his class and learn first-hand about the active, mindful relaxation that Tai Chi and Qigong offer.

Bill, who retired as a professor from WIU in 2009, studied for several years with Willie Jones, an experienced, expert martial arts practitioner of Taekwondo as well as Tai Chi.  Bill has continued to study and incorporate the styles and contributions of David-Dorian Ross, International Master Tai Chi Instructor, and Dr. Peter Wayne, Director of Integrative Medicine Research at Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital and an internationally recognized teacher of both Tai Chi and Qigong.

Contact Bill: Wj-maakestad@wiu.edu or 309-255-8256