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I didn’t think chair yoga was for me, but I was wrong. I can take a break while at work and spend 3 minutes and feel SO much better. Shannon

Hi, I’m Dawn Piper, welcome to my Online Classes!

I want you to feel better after each practice, so I give lots of options to help you get healthier, feel better, find more strength, and get balanced – mind/body/spirit – no matter where you’re starting.

Dawn pointing at a plane that says "Piper"

Plane says “Piper” 🙂

I have over 50 video segments including mat-based and chair-based yoga practices; breathing exercises, and guided meditations so there really is something for everyone.

I add new content throughout the month and even take requests to create content you want!

Try the sample videos on the left to see what you think.

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It’s like having you in my living room teaching me! Kate
The classes were easy to follow and allowed for options given a set time frame, which I completely enjoy! There is something for quick work break, lunch break, quick sessions at home or “full sessions” for a good workout. As always, you provide options for different positions due to injury or comfort…one of my favorite things about your teaching technique!! Bethany

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